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5 Tips for Your Best Tag or Estate Sale

Running a tag or estate sale can be incredibly difficult. It is often an emotional and stressful process for the family and friends involved. However, using these tips will help to make your sale run as smoothly as possible, and will maximize your profits with the coming sale.

1. Don’t throw anything away.

Like the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That saying holds especially true in the world of tag and estate sales. What may seem worthless to you may turn out to be something of incredible value to someone else. So, in order to make the most out of your tag or estate sale, make sure not to throw away any items.

2. Hire trusted and local.

Whether or not you choose TME Sales (though we hope that you do!), make sure that the Tag and Estate Sales company you hire is trustworthy. Check the reviews left on the company’s Facebook and Google profiles for the opinions of past customers. And, make sure that the people you hire are local, as local tag and estate sale companies will give you the personal attention and expertise that you deserve.

3. Hire insured and bonded.

Once you choose a trusted, local company, make sure that company is adequately insured and bonded. When contacting the company about your potential sale, make sure to ask if they have the right insurance, and are bonded. Hopefully, your sale will go without a hitch. But, if an accident does happen, you want to make sure that your tag and estate sale company has the right coverage.

4. Know that not everything sells.

Though we would love it if all of the items you are liquidating in your sale would be flying off of the shelves, it is the unfortunate truth that some items will be left over after the sale. Make sure to contact a clean-up crew at least two weeks in advance of your sale to make sure what is left over can be properly donated or disposed of.

5. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Once you know when you want to host your sale, call your chosen tag and estate sale company, and your clean-up crew, as soon as possible. Weekends fill up fast for these companies, and you don’t want to lose your sale dates to someone else! So, schedule your liquidation sale as quickly as you can to make sure that your chosen company is available.

Follow these five tips, and you will be on your way to a successful tag or estate sale. If you are planning a sale, we hope that you choose Things-N-More Tag and Estate Sales.

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