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7 Surprising Estate Sale Money Makers

In the Tag and Estate Sale Business, there is no saying that hold more true than “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” That said, some “trash” is treasure to more buyers than others. Here are seven items that buyers love to snag at liquidation sales;

7. Art

The right painting can make a plain living room look like something straight from Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. Buyers love the unique artwork found at tag and estate sales. Paintings, photography, and prints typically sell well!

6. Tools

From the simplest hammer to the most complicated power tools, this kind of equipment proves to be a real money maker at the vast majority of tag and estate sales in Northeast Ohio.

5. Jewelry

There’s nothing harder for buyers to resist than an affordably priced necklace or bracelet. Jewelry will be a top seller at your liquidation sale.

4. Toys and Games

Fun is timeless. The toys and board games at your tag or estate sale are likely to sell like hotcakes.

3. Vintage Clothing and Décor

Unsurprisingly, many of the trends of the past are back on the racks in designer clothing stores. Buyers will go bananas for your sale’s vintage clothes, antiques, and furniture.

2. Linens

Strange as it may seem, tablecloths and linens prove to be hot sellers at a great number of tag and estate sales.

1. Yard Equipment

With the unpredictability of weather in Northeast Ohio, it’s no surprise that yard equipment for all seasons are some of the most popular items at liquidation sales.

Though all items have value and a potential buyer, it’s good to know that these seven items will typically attract buyers at all tag, estate, and liquidation sales!

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