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An Antiquing Revolution

Though the sentiment of “something old and something new” is associated with weddings, the phrase perfectly applies to the phenomenon occurring in the thrifting and antiquing world today. More and more, antique experts are seeing the flocking of millennial and Generation Z consumers to resale and consignment stores, rather than traditional stores. According to CBS New York in 2018, Millennials are more likely than any other generation to both shop from and donate to thrift stores. In this, the “something new” has become infatuated with “something old”. Antiques are at the forefront of the millennial psyche.

What does this mean for the tag and estate sale community? Though there is little research done on this trend, this millennial infatuation with antiques has a number of potential implications for you and your sale. Most importantly, it means that you likely have an untapped gold mine of customers that are interested in the products of your sale. Directing some of your sale marketing towards this audience will likely attract a number of new, different consumers to your liquidation sale. If properly taken advantage of, the millennial love for antiques can mean a serious increase in your sale profits.

Take advantage of this cultural trend. Advertise to these young audiences, and embrace them! Their love of antiques will fuel the thrifting, antiquing, and tag and estate sale communities in the decades to come.

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